About Stol

Stol inspection systems b.v.

We are specialized in manufacturing, sales and after sales of inspection systems for the food-, chemical- and pharmaceutical industry. Our metaldetection/metaldetector, x-ray and magnet systems are available as standardized machines and as custom-made machines to suit almost all applications. We also give advice about compliance with HACCP, IFS, BRC and ISO 22000 to preventing foreign body contaminations.

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After sales and maintenance

As we are a very flexible organization with more than 20 years of experience in inspection equipment we offer excellent services. We can react quickly on any requests. We also offer maintenance contracts to make sure that your inspection equipment is always well maintained and up to date.

Standardized metaldetection equipment

Our new generation inspection machines are revolutionary due to the new electronics and capabilities. They also have a space saving design and are developed for inspection of packed products. These machines can be supplied with or without a full automatic reject system to reject the contaminated products without operator attention. Read more…

Custom made metaldetection equipment

These very strong and solid metaldetection systems are feeling at home in the most harsh environments and are designed to fit almost any production line and customer needs. We offer numerous different designs with different dimensions. The conveyor systems will be equipped with components specified by the customer. Read more…

X-ray inspection equipment

We supply many different x-ray machines whch are easily integrated in many different production lines. The most compact and energy saving machine is approximately the same size as a metaldetection machine! For larger products and more functionality we offer a medium and a large machine. Operating these machines is surprisingly easy, that is why we are known in the market for our operator friendly machines with high performances.

Dynamic checkweighers

Checkweighers check the weight of each individual product during transport by a conveyor system. There are possibilities for an automatic feed back to a filling machine which will save valuable product. By using this option the ROI (return on investment) will be very short. Read more…


All inspection machines such as metaldetectors and x-ray scanners should be tested regularly. It makes no difference which brand the inspection machine is. For testing it is most common to use metal spheres which are available in different materials and sizes. Stol inspection systems BV is a reliable supplier of precision test samples. It is very easy to order them by phone, email, fax and even through our new shopping website. Read more…

Rental machines

If a metaldetector or x-ray scanner is needed for a short time for example in an unfortunate situation of a product recall or temporary production of special products we will do our best to assist you. We have various inspection machines which are dedicated for this purpose. Please contact us and we will be happy to inform you about the most suitable machine and its availability.Read more…