Helping shape the future of X-ray inspection

At IFFA 2019 in Frankfurt (Hall 9.1, Stand C58), Sesotec GmbH will present a design study on the RAYCON D+ product inspection system. To promote co-creation, Sesotec plans to talk to visitors to its stand about the future demands facing X-ray machines for unpackaged meat products. The showcased design study, “X-ray inspection for the future”, is a transparent prototype that can be used in detailed discussions of how ideal solutions will need to be engineered in the future, which features they should have and where untapped potential still lies.

Listening to the customer: the demands facing X-ray inspection in the future

Using the showcased design study, “X-ray inspection for the future”, visitors to the Sesotec stand will be able to discuss various aspects that are relevant for the meat industry and provide feedback on trends, giving them a practical opportunity to help shape the next generation of X-ray scanners. Uli Hurzlmeier, product manager for X-rays at Sesotec, will be on hand to answer questions such as: How do X-ray scanners support compliance with food guidelines such as IFS, HACCP and BRC? How versatile is the device in use? Does the device meet hygienic design standards and EHEDG guidelines? How economical is the system? What if the use of conventional X-ray inspection is not enough? How does the dual-energy method work? What alternatives are available for parts that come into contact with products, such as anti-radiation curtains?