Standard metal detection systems

Standardized systems – Maximum protection Our standard metal detection systems are available in ten different sizes and they are specially designed for inspecting many different kinds of packaged products. The detectors are equipped with the latest electronics, so you will reach the highest sensitivities possible and the machines are very easy to use.

Perfect for the food industry The large and intuitive touch screen makes adjusting and controlling the metal detector extremely easy. Besides that you can notice our vast experience in the food industry regarding to the design of the conveyor belt systems, which are very easy to clean. These metal detection systems are always entirely made of high grade stainless steel.

State of the art These “state of the art” metal detection systems have the most advanced technologies inside, like for example:

  • DDS filter -Direct Digital Synthesis- this filter makes sure you get an extreme stable frequency for a high sensitivity and stability (elimination of false rejects).
  • SLS -Self Learn System- this will totally automatically follow and correct the product signals.
  • MPS -Multi Product Storage- you can store a large variety of products, so you can easily and quickly change products.

Food industry


For the food industry there are metal detectors, x-ray machines and magnet systems. Of course all machines are manufactured from a high grade stainless steel and available in standard and custom-made designs. Pet food belongs to this group as well.

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Recycling industry has his own standards for product inspection machines. Most important is machine protection. For this purpose we have specially designed metal detection and magnet systems in heavy duty design.

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For the (petro) chemical industry there are special metal detection- x-ray- and magnet systems available. These are all developed for easy integration in a production line and available with different controle packs so that they comply to individually customer needs on price and performance.

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