X-ray Inspection

Our x-ray machines will find more
We have an impressive offering of x-ray machines. They start from very small, approximately similar sizes as a metal detection system, to large systems. With these x-ray machines it is possible to detect many different kinds of foreign bodies which have a higher density then the product itself including the packaging material. Some examples are metals, stones, bones, high density plastics, glass etc.

We are extremely proud of our latest type, the Raycon. This system has been redesigned and we have used the latest technology. The operating system has been updated to a extremely fast processor which is able to inspect random products at the same time. It is even possible to feed two tracks of products through this machine. The whole design complies to the latest standards of food producing factories and for harch environments. We have modified the position of the x-ray tube and the detector to get more effective scanning width on the belt. We offer a nwe design of a Japanese machine as well which has a extremely small design.

Raycon x-ray
The Raycon x-ray machine is manufactured in Germany and uses the most sophisticated operating system available. As of the new software the machine can recognise various products passing randomly through the machine. The construction is very strong and designed for easy cleaning. The Raycon has its x-ray tube underneath the belt and looks from bottom to top which is a mayor difference with the conventional machines. One of the advantages is that there will be more effective inspection width available on the belt.

Other Raycon models
The Raycon x-ray inspection machine is available in various models with different inspection widths and heights. There is also a dedicated machine for bulk inspection. We will be happy to advise you what the best machine is for your products and production line.

Food industry


For the food industry there are metal detectors, x-ray machines and magnet systems. Of course all machines are manufactured from a high grade stainless steel and available in standard and custom-made designs. Pet food belongs to this group as well.

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Recycling industry has his own standards for product inspection machines. Most important is machine protection. For this purpose we have specially designed metal detection and magnet systems in heavy duty design.

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For the (petro) chemical industry there are special metal detection- x-ray- and magnet systems available. These are all developed for easy integration in a production line and available with different controle packs so that they comply to individually customer needs on price and performance.

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