Magnetic systems

Magnet systems for many different applications
The extensive program of magnet systems is a perfect extension on our offering of metal detection systems and x-ray machines. Magnets will separate magnetic metals from the good product. As we manufacture the magnets out of Neodymium they have a huge strength that even can catch weak magnetic stainless steel !

The magnet systems are made specially for the food-, chemical- and pharmaceutical industry. The kind of magnet depends on the product and application. There are magnet systems for products falling in free fall such as powders, granulates and flakes. There are even specially designed magnet systems for tubes under pressure (pneumatic transport). For liquids there is the LiquiMag which is optional available with a water heating system for products such as liquid chocolate. For products transported on a conveyor belt there are roller magnets which can mounted in lieu of the end- or drive roller. The magnetic metal contaminations can be separated from the good products by a simple funnel.

Cleaning of our magnet systems is made quick and easy by non-magnetic covers. Due to the very powerful strength of the neodymium magnets this is the best way of cleaning. When cleaning the magnet system the magnet bar will be removed together with the non-magnetic cover. To remove the contamination the magnetic bar can be extracted out of the non-magnetic cover and contamination will easily fall off.

Magbox Auto Clean The Magbox Auto Clean is designed for continuous running production lines. The smart design will separate the magnetic contamination during production. There are two exits, one for contamination and one for clean product. Due to the ingenious design the height is only 400 mm. The interval of automatic cleaning is adjustable.
Magbox Food / Farma In the food- and pharmaceutical industry tube magnet separators could be used. The housing is made of stainless steel and is free of any dirt traps. For existing round, square or rectangular tubes there are magnets bars available that could easily be integrated and are therefore a cost effective solution.

For liquids and slurries there is the LiquiMag. The LiquiMag could easily be integrated in an existing production line. The product flows through the powerful magnet bars and the magnetic contamination will be separated from the product. For products such as liquid chocolate we can make the LiquiMag double sided so that it can be kept on the right temperature. These magnet systems will obviously comply with the most stringent hygiene demands. This makes them suitable for various industries such as food, chemical and pharmaceutical.

Extruder magnets
These series are dedicated for extruders which are used in the plastic industry. They will be build on the infeed of the extruder to avoid magnetic metal will damage the inside of the extruder. Even at temperatures of the granulate of 80 degrees C this system will do its job.

Many more solutions
We supply many more magnetic systems for almost all products and production lines. It will be our pleasure to share our knowledge with you and provide you with the best available solution for your particular application. We are happy to send you a brochure which easily can be requested at Request information which could be found in the menu or by clicking the link.

Food industry


For the food industry there are metal detectors, x-ray machines and magnet systems. Of course all machines are manufactured from a high grade stainless steel and available in standard and custom-made designs. Pet food belongs to this group as well.

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Recycling industry has his own standards for product inspection machines. Most important is machine protection. For this purpose we have specially designed metal detection and magnet systems in heavy duty design.

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For the (petro) chemical industry there are special metal detection- x-ray- and magnet systems available. These are all developed for easy integration in a production line and available with different controle packs so that they comply to individually customer needs on price and performance.

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