Custom metal detection systems

As we all know production lines are all different so there is a limitation for our standardized metal detection systems. To cover other applications we offer custom made machines. These metal detection systems are designed for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and they are well known for their heavy duty design to stand even the most harsh environments.

Everything is done to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity with high stability and minimum downtime. We see false rejects as not acceptable so we have used advanced filter techniques to avoid rejection of good products.

Easy operation To set up these machines is very simple. There are no complicated adjustments to make. This is achieved by using the latest electronics. A high sensitivity is possible without time consuming training and expensive service engineers.

Flexibility Our Unicon series are available in many different shapes and sizes so that the machine can be used for packed and unpacked products on conveyor belts, gravity fall systems and pipeline applications.

Food industry


For the food industry there are metal detectors, x-ray machines and magnet systems. Of course all machines are manufactured from a high grade stainless steel and available in standard and custom-made designs. Pet food belongs to this group as well.

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Recycling industry has his own standards for product inspection machines. Most important is machine protection. For this purpose we have specially designed metal detection and magnet systems in heavy duty design.

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For the (petro) chemical industry there are special metal detection- x-ray- and magnet systems available. These are all developed for easy integration in a production line and available with different controle packs so that they comply to individually customer needs on price and performance.

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