Seminars and training

Training and seminars on inspection equipment for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry.

We have more then 20 years of wordwide experience with inspection equipment used in the food-, chemical- and pharmaceutical industry. This vast knowledge we would like to share by training sessions or seminars. We have training sessions for various groups like operators, QA staff and engineers. Beside this we also design custom-made courses and seminars. It will be our pleasure to inform you about the possibilities.

Our expert in metal detection has written a guide book. It is written in plain language which is pleasant to read and to understand, even for non-technical people. Currently it is only available in the Dutch language and is easily available through a link on this website. The metal detection guide book describes metal detection in general, what is possible and what is not and some points of attention. Of course there is a lot more to tell which we do with pleasure. Why not click on the link below and after completing your company name, your own name and email address we will send you this metal detection guidebook with our compliments.

Knowledge center -Metal detection
A good knowledge is very important to make sure that the inspection machines are being used correctly and efficiency. Every year the quality standards will increase and only with the right knowledge it is possible to make sure your factory is meeting all standards.





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